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Buddy Rocketman Michaelson is the youngest person in the world to operate a Rocket Powered vehicle. Keep your eye on this site, Buddy will soon unveil his most spectacular rocket powered vehicle that will put him in the record books again.

Buddy Test Flying his Rocket Belt
October 13, 2007 History was made when Buddy Michaelson was lifted off the ground using a rocket belt built by his father Ky Michaelson. This flight, for safety reasons, was made using a tether. Buddy's rocket belt used high pressure nitrogen and Co2 as a propellant. The majority of the rocket belt was made out of aluminum including the high pressure tanks. The high flow solenoid valve that controlled the flight, came off of a surplus NASA rocket.

Right before the flight, Buddy's Dad told Buddy to push the solenoid button and pretend he was going on a elevator ride, and he soon would be on second floor. On the first test session Buddy made four flights. After the last test flight Buddy was smiling from ear to ear.

Buddy is no newcomer to rocket powered vehicles. Buddy also has a rocket powered trike and a rocket powered Scooter. Since the age of 5, Buddy has built a number of home made rockets, that he has flown.  At the age of six Buddy flew one of his rockets at a Tripoli Rocketry national event in Texas.

Buddy is the youngest person ever to own his own rocket belt. He also helped his Father Ky Michaelson build it.

The belt weighs 36lbs and is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum,and 316 stainless steel. The high flow
solenoid valve is from a Agena Rocket.

Here's the first picture shown to the public of Buddy's Rocket Belt.

Pictures of Buddy Taken at the 2007 Rocket Convention

Buddy on Bill Suitors shoulders

Buddy checking out the Bell rocket belt with his Dad and Bruce Lee

Ky Buddy and Eric

Dad some day I am going to own one of these fighter planes.

Buddy Building and Testing his Rocket Scooter

Buddy working on his Rocket Scooter.

Buddy's new Rocket powered scooter.

Ky checking out Buddy's rocket powered scooter
for a TV special on Ky and his family.

Ky taking a spin on Buddy's scooter at night.

Some Other Projects of Buddy's

Buddy on his Rocket Powered Trike.

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Buddy's Rocket powered Trike is powered by a 500lb thrust high
hybrid rocket built by his Father Ky Michaelson.

Buddy at the age of 7 is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.
He has helping his Dad make a stand for his Rocket Belt.

Buddy with his rocket at his first national event.

Buddy showing his Dad and Kitty O'Neil his rocket that he built. Kitty is the fastest woman in the world,
she has driven a car over 600mph, drove a jet powered boat over 275mph and is the first person
to drive a rocket car under 4 seconds in the quarter mile. Back in the seventy's she
was the top stunt woman in Hollywood.

Buddy Michaelson
Buddy is constantly working out in his Dads shop building rockets and other contraptions.

Hanging out with Buddy

Buddy sitting on motorcycle with 600 HP.

Buddy sitting on the worlds fastest dragster.

Buddy checking out the drivers seat of the Green Mamba Jet Car.

Buddy with his best friend, Captain Jack McClure, driver of the worlds Quickest Go Kart.

Buddy hanging out with the stars of the television show, Pawn Stars.


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